Open salon event at ICC Tokyo about the Crypto Miner Car in the frame of “ICC Annual 2022: Life / Likeness”. The event will be broadcasted on Internet and is organised by NTT InterCommunication Center. Moderator: Minoru Hatanaka


Life/Likeness is the annual ICC exhibition launched at the ICC InterCommunication Centre in Tokyo. This year, the format of this annual exhibition has been revamped with a new exhibition series designed as a vehicle to address societal issues through a range of perspectives and styles of the current media environment.

Today, a variety of systems based on…

25th Japan Media Arts Festival

Crypto Miner Car has been nominated for the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Selections.

This year’s Grand Prize in the Art Division goes to Production Team (JP) “Sun and Moon Room” and the Excellence Award to YAMAUCHI Shota(JP) Yamahyo Crossing, ISHIKAWA Masaya / SUGIHARA Hiroshi / NAKAJI Hiroaki / Campbell ARGENZIO…


Nominated as one of the 20 finalists for the NTAA New Technological Art Award 2022, the Crypto Miner Car will be on display in Ghent at the Liedts-Meesen Foundation. During the exhibition, the nominees will compete for the jury prize and the public prize, which will be awarded on the last day of the exhibition.
The NTAA’2022 exhibition takes place from 5 February to 13 March 2022 at the…


An online debate on cultural projects around immersive media, care, biobased applications, data industry, social economy and renewable energy.

A production of Kunstenpunt in collaboration with the Department of Culture, Youth and Media as part of Media & Culture Fast Forward.


37 years ago, Frank Popper and Marie-Odile Briot curated the exhibition Electra at the Musée National d’Art Moderne in Paris. The expo illustrated how artists reflect on the introduction of electricity and electronics in modern life and how they imagine to deal with the different aspects of the new era of convenience.

After a global pandemic reduced CO2…


Today, the theme of ISEA2020 – Why Sentience? – resonates more than ever. What does it mean to feel and to perceive during these unstable times? How do we foster connections across communities, generations, and borders through a screen? The value of our innate differences and the ways in which we come together is critical to our current survival…

Currency exhibition reopend and accessible for the public

On September 2nd the exhibition on Currency at the New Media Gallery reopens.

The exhibition ponder the ambiguous, fluctuating and relative nature of currency and its relationship with value and considers the conditions that influence value: external influences…


Marie Chatel’s review in Digicult about the exhibition The Question of Intelligence curated by Christiane Paul which should have run from the 7th of February to the 8th of April at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center in New York closed early due to COVID-19 confinement measures.


New Media Gallery presents six artists working with diverse notions of currency and value. The works in this exhibition reflect the seductive, volatile and sometimes problematic relationships that have developed around currency & value in the early 21st century. Six artists play with diverse narratives and counter

The Question of Intelligence - AI and the Future of Humanity

At the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center the exhibition “The Question of Intelligence” curated by Christiane Paul deals with the relationships man has with machines and vice versa, and provides insight into the bias and potential of artificial intelligence. 

BitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign
01/09/2020 (update)

BitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign’ engages with one of the most pressing problems of the digital economy, the inequalities involved in the mining of user data by tech companies for profit – Christiane Paul about While using free Internet services…

Mind the Deep: Artificial Intelligence and Artistic Creation

The exhibition “Mind the Deep: Artificial Intelligence and Artistic Creation” curated by Qiu Zhijie and Iris Long features 28 artworks by 22 artists and artist groups to investigate how artificial intelligence…

Lying Sophia and Mocking Alexa – An Exhibition on AI and Art

From July 12 to October 21 2019 LarbitsSisters’ bitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign will be on display in Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing as part of the exhibition “Lying Sophia and Mocking Alexa, Hyundai Blue Prize award show”.

Brussels in SongEun: Imagining Cities Beyond Technology 2.0

Group exhibition in SongEun ArtSpace in Seoul presenting new perspectives of future ‘smart cities’ through the work of both Brussels-based and Korean contemporary visual artists…

@ Net Giants, beware: Taxbots are coming for you…

An article about ‘Bitsoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign’ by Akihico Mori, for Wired Magazine, Japan.

‘BitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign’ again wins international prize

LarbitsSisters are happy to share the news that for the second time in a row their Bitsoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign won an international art prize. The NOVA New Media Interactive Art Prize is annually awarded to “visionary artists who incorporate future-oriented…

Ars Electronica 2018

A review by Dominique Moulon about the Ars Electronica festival 2018 published in the Art in the Digital Age.

The BitSoil Popup Tax and Hack Campaign, data economy reversed

A review by Josephine Bosma about ‘Bitsoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign’ published in the Summer 2018 issue of Neural.

BitSoil: My Data, your Profits? No, thank you!

An interview with Martin Hieslmair about ‘Bitsoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign’ for the Ars Electronica Blog.

‘BitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign’ awarded with the Golden Nica

Thanks to all! The BitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign has won the Golden Nica in the Interactive Art + category of the 2018 Prix Ars Electronica. The selection this year included a Japanese project by Kohei Ogawa, Itsuki Doi, Takashi Ikegami and…

The Bitsoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign @ Gluon in Brussels

The Bitsoil Popup Tax and Hack Campaign will soon be exhibited @ Gluon’s Art & Tech Hub. The work consists essentially of a campaign on Twitter led by a troupe of happily trolling social media bots trained to send digital tax-claim postcards…

Bitsoil Tax & Hack Campaign @ Leuven

On May 3d LarbitsSisters will draw the outlines of an internet based republic that crosses borders of currently prevailing frameworks.

How can digital tools be redefined and redesigned to rebalance inequalities…

bitSOIL cash-making market for personal data

On March 1 Larbitssisters will employ their trader skills and advise their customers on the value of the personal data they generate online on a daily basis. Seemingly for free we do not realize the price that could be attached…

Internet Yami-Ichi (インターネットヤミ市) Brussels #2

An Internet-ish flea market

The Internet Yami-Ichi flea market is back in Brussels! Join us at the bitSOIL cash-making market for personal data and trade your absolute most valuable good…


In the context of the Summerschool ‘Making Public Domain’ at the Middelheim Museum in Antwerp 11-15 September, Larbitslab organizes the masterclass ‘Claims on public space: on disruptive designs and future narratives for an open and free internet’


As part of the exhibition John Doe in the Metacity – Utopia & Distopia in Architecture, that goes on at the Halles Saint-Géry until May 21st, iteration # 2 of bitREPUBLIC – A virtual DIY refuge for 


iMAL | Bruxelles iMAL, Centre de Cultures Digitales et de Technologie, accueillera à Bruxelles l’événement BLOCKCHAIN. FACT. FICTION. FUTURE. Un évènement consacré aux…


Espace Flagey | Bruxelles Our recent research on digitalization of borders and migration controls will be presented in April at the exhibition…


In the framework of the European RRI-ICT Forum, Euclid Network and iMAL organises specific events dedicated to artists, civil society and their role…

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