Bitsoil Tax & Hack Campaign @ Leuven

On May 3d LarbitsSisters will draw the outlines of an internet based republic that crosses borders of currently prevailing frameworks.

How can digital tools be redefined and redesigned to rebalance inequalities in the virtual economy that have come into existence? How can these new infrastructures help to create a more just society? The BitSoil popup Tax & Hack Campaign enables the anonymous internet crowd to join the resistance and be part of a quest for a digital redistributive system based on the taxation of the use of personal data by internet giants. The virtual currency Bitsoil transforms this wealth into tangible value that can be distributed across the wallets of digital citizens. As part of this campaign artist duo LarbitsSisters is touring to spread their ideas and gather participants for this virtual BitREPUBLIC.

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and& summit & festival                                                                            

2-5 May 2018


Media Fast Forward

14:00 — 15:30


Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 28,

3000 Leuven