Data economy

Crypto Miner Car / Ethereum Module

Ongoing Concept: Duo LarbitsSisters Production: Larbitslab Coproduction: Larbitslab, Waag – technology & society, With the support of: Innovatieve Partnerprojecten Grant Flemish Community, TOKAS International Creator Residency Program Thanks to: Diabatix, Automotive Technology Lab – Thomas More Hogeschool Exhibitions: Entropies / Regional STARTS event on future energies, Snowball, Harelbeke 15/10/2020 > project description

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BitSoil Tax & Hack Campaign

Installation Concept and realisation: Duo LarbitsSisters Executive production: Larbitslab Software development: Vincent Evrard, Arnaud Crucifix, Jenny Mainframe In collaboration with: Curator and writer Fredo De Smet, Peng! Collective Partners: Gluon, Fundamental Research With the support of: Research & Development Grant Flemish Community, Production Grant VGC (Flemish Community Commission) Thanks to: iMAL, ERG Performance: and& summit […]

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