Installation Concept: Duo LarbitsSisters Production: Larbitslab With the support of: Flemish Community Thanks to: iMAL Showcase: Blockchain Fact. Fiction. Future. iMAL | Brussels 04/11/2016 Exhibition: John Doe in the Metacity / Utopia & Distopia in Architecture Halles Saint-Géry Brussels 24/03 > 21/05/2017 Workshop: Summerschool #2 Making Public Domain / Claims on public space: on disruptive […]

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Installation Concept and realisation: Duo LarbitsSisters Production: Larbitslab Software development: Computer Science Department UMons Thanks to: Computer Science Department UMons, FabLab.iMAL, Helios Exhibition: Coding/Decoding Borders Espace Architecture Flagey Brussels 13/04 > 31/05/2016 > project description > downloads

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