Crypto Miner Car


Crypto Miner Car


Concept: Duo LarbitsSisters

Production: Larbitslab

Coproduction: Larbitslab, Waag – technology & society,

With the support of: Innovatieve Partnerprojecten Grant Flemish Community, TOKAS International Creator Residency Program

Thanks to: Diabatix, Automotive Technology Lab – Thomas More Hogeschool, EAVISE Research Group – KU Leuven

Crypto Miner Car, Tactus – 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Museum of Modern Greek Culture, Athens
13/10 > 19/10/2021

Crypto Miner Car, <MTL> Connect 2021, On-site Moving Programme, The Digital Springs, Montreal – Brussels
12/10 > 17/10/2021

Solo exhibition Crypto Miner Car, Gluon Gallery, Brussels
09/09 > 19/09/2021