Life/Likeness is the annual ICC exhibition launched at the ICC InterCommunication Centre in Tokyo. This year, the format of this annual exhibition has been revamped with a new exhibition series designed as a vehicle to address societal issues through a range of perspectives and styles of the current media environment. Today, a variety of systems based on computational technologies are being implemented within our daily living environments. The technological systems that mediate between humans and computers have evolved into interfaces that penetrate our living environments in rather natural ways, and with life-like behavior patterns generated by algorithms. They will certainly develop even further in the future. At the same time, by analyzing mechanisms of nature based on an understanding of the recursiveness and contingency of natural phenomena, we have become able to simulate different types of nature from the standpoint of technology, define new ways of living, and ultimately, gain a new understanding of nature, life, and ourselves. We may say that, in this age of “self-organizing inorganics”, our living environments have acquired a new “lifelikeness” introduced by digital technology and natural phenomena. This exhibition aims to discuss aspects of technology in works that were inspired by such environments, and realized through interaction with the respective systems, as well as various expansive projects based on contemporary social topics and technological trends, such as issues related to climate change, gender, NFT or metaverse. Artists: Alternative Machine (JP), Elena Knox (JP), Goro Murayama (JP), Kanno So (DE, JP), Komitsu (JP), LarbitsSisters (BE), Nor (JP), Petra Szemán (EN, JP) Curated by Minoru Hatanaka. Curatorial team Yasuko Yubisui, Tomoya Kashimada. Co-curator Akihiko Taniguchi ‘Hyper ICC’ exhibition. Life/Likeness ICC, Tokyo, Japan Open until 15 Jan 2023 Reservation:

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